• Internet


    DCI’s Hosted Internet Solution allows our hotel clients to retain 100% of the revenue generated.

  • Data


    DCI provides robust, reliable, and feature-rich network data that allows you to offer the best possible communications services to your guests.

  • Voice


    Whether they’re calling the front desk, hosting an important conference call, or phoning home to check on the kids, your guests’ phone calls are important.

  • Guest Room Phones

    Guest Room Phones

    Guests might not notice it right away, but they would certainly miss it if it were gone. The guest room phone has become a staple of every guest’s experience.

  • Hosted


    DCI’s hosted voice solution allows you to improve guest telecommunication services while bolstering performance.

  • Additional Services

    Additional Services

    DCI is a comprehensive source for streamlined telecommunication, Internet, and integrated technological solutions for the hospitality industry.

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