Cabling Solutions

Our networking expertise will help us to design a rugged and customized infrastructure that supports incredible capabilities. Cabling is the means of connecting your guests and employees to your network, and to the Internet. The cabling process uses a series of wires, cables, and hardware, which in turn create subsystems. These develop an infrastructure that your guests and employees can connect to with their own electronic devices – from cell phones to tablets to computers. Your infrastructure begins at your demarcation point, the location where your telephone and Internet provider connects to your business. At this point, their wiring ends and yours begins. You’ll see an array of high-quality cables that lead to your equipment room, where you’ll find your servers and the central point in which your cabling is consolidated. From your equipment room, rising cables and horizontal wiring connects each room of your hotel or resort to your main network. Hardware comes next, including Ethernet ports and access points, which allow guests and employees to access the Internet.

Featured Benefits and Solutions

High-Quality Equipment

  • Rely on the quality of Cisco, HP, and other leading providers of networking cables, hardware, and peripherals. This state-of-the-art equipment is designed to offer a quality cornerstone for your network.
  • Obtain all of your equipment from one provider – DCI, a company that partners with top-of-the-line equipment providers to ensure you’ll get the right equipment for the job. We take the time to custom tailor the peripherals and components that you’ll need and ensure that the equipment functions effectively and efficiently – saving costs over the long run. DCI can provide everything from horizontal wiring, which connects rooms on the same floor of your hotel, to rising cables, which connect the floors together in even the largest hotels.
  • Aesthetic and Effective Design
  • Maintain your hotel’s sophisticated look by allowing DCI to design a strategic network that hides your cables throughout your building. Besides the equipment room, the wiring can be hidden in walls and ceilings.
  • Enhance your organization’s commitment to safety by choosing DCI’s creative services. These actions ensure all cables and equipment are out of guest and employee reach, helping you meet safety standards while protecting your infrastructure.

Simple, Robust Design

  • Simplify maintenance by including all devices, access points, and wired rooms under one network, eliminating the complexity of having several separate infrastructures.
  • Harness emerging technology through flexible and scalable cable networks that allow you to upgrade without high costs and extensive labor.
  • Maximize networking options by working with DCI to develop a customized solution for your resort or hotel.
  • Embrace Cost-Saving Cabling that Improves Your Network’s Performance

DCI has partnered with many of the world’s leading hotels to provide the best possible products and solutions. Because of this, DCI will almost always be able to assist you in your technological cabling endeavors. Whether you’re looking to install a new network or replace your current hardware, we have the expertise to make the entire process a simple affair. Regardless if your hotel or resort is large or small, our cabling network will fit into your company’s infrastructure and grow to suit all of your needs. DCI will work with you to determine what hardware and design your particular business would benefit from, and we’ll help you choose the products and services that work for you. To learn more about how a cabling design from DCI can benefit your business, call phone number provided.

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