Call Accounting Systems

DCI can help you increase your hotel or resort’s performance through better records with its call accounting systems solutions. Call accounting systems are telecommunications applications that capture, record, and calculate the cost of telephone usage by detecting outbound and inbound calls, call ring outs, call routings, abandoned calls, and other call activities. Using call accounting systems can help reduce expenses and improve productivity. These systems also encourage responsible use of telephone equipment among employees. Telecommunications usage tends to drop when call accounting systems are implemented because users are more aware of the costs to the company. At DCI, we can design a call accounting system that specifically meets your needs, helping you to capture the data and information that’s most useful to your hotel.

Featured Benefits and Solutions

Ease of Tracking

  • Automatically allocate call costs to divisions, departments, or even individuals while sending data directly to accounting and human resource departments.
  • Easily keep track of client call expenses, and provide them with an accurate bill at the end of their stay.
  • Improve expense forecasting by estimating call costs based on rate tables provided by carriers.
  • Reduce costs and increase revenue by developing telecommunication cost-reduction programs based on data provided by call accounting systems.
  • Provide better telecommunications services to guests based on phone usage data.

Risk and Abuse Reduction

  • Easily monitor for network abuse, security threats, and harassing calls.
  • Issue an automated administrator alert for abnormal call metrics.
  • Trigger automatic alerts for variables like: long distance or international calling without authorization, calling flagged numbers, or excessive calling.
  • Simplify tracking for threatening or suspicious calls.
  • Improve guest service and employee performance with accurate, automatic, and cost-effective tracking.

Maximized Service through Ease of Tracking

  • Optimize network to maximize the value of service by tracking call activity throughout the day.
  • Ensure your telecommunications services can handle peak volume by tracking when guests and employees use the phones most often. Then, implement additional equipment and individuals to handle times of high call volume.
  • Improve customer service by reducing the time customers spend on hold by using data to create solutions for efficient call handling.
  • Minimize productivity losses from non-business calling activities.
  • Ensure your staff is productive and effective on the phone by analyzing call data and considering the correlation between sales success, marketing efforts, and call activity to identify the most and least effective callers.
  • Increase visibility into wireline and wireless communications through interactive dashboards and flexible reporting options.

DCI’s customized call accounting solutions help hotels and resorts make better use of their telecommunication systems. As a full-service provider, DCI can help you develop long-range call accounting solutions that gather the exact data your hotel or resort needs to make solid decisions about performance, features, and standard operating procedures. When working with DCI, you’ll be able to choose the data reporting application that’s right for you – helping you to streamline operations and save time. If you want to learn more about how a call accounting system from DCI can help you reduce costs, increase profit, improve operations, and bolster guest services, contact DCI at phone number provided.

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