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Specifically developed for hotels and resorts of all sizes throughout the hospitality industry, Innovation’s InnLine voice mail messaging system has been delivering guest messages since 1999. Though communications technology has changed significantly since that time, Innovation continues to offer the most comprehensive and streamlined voice messaging system available for hotels and resorts. Services include guest messaging, hotel to guest messages, prerecorded information, and integrated call accounting. DCI provides hotels and resorts with customized Innovation InnLine voicemail service. By modifying Innovation’s service to meet your specific needs, DCI will help you cut costs and improve guest satisfaction. With a robust set of features, Innovation’s voicemail services can be easily modified to offer the perfect solution for each hotel or resort.

Featured Benefits and Solutions

Scalable and Customizable Solutions

  • Position your business for continued success with Innovation’s series of solution levels based on business and client needs; scale your voicemail services as your business grows.
  • Simplify your infrastructure by integrating Innovation’s voicemail solutions into your current network and equipment.
  • Take advantage of hospitality-specific features, including a direct dial number for each guest room and wake-up call offloading – a service that improves wake-up call speed.

Cost and Manpower Reduction

  • Reduce the number of staff needed to answer phone calls and take messages.
  • Design specific “templates” for calls, including those for work orders and employee schedules, so information is communicated effectively and efficiently.
  • Manage and review voicemail data by integrating Innovation’s system into the hotel’s computer network.
  • Use the telephones you already have in guest rooms, offices, and common areas. This greatly reduces equipment costs.

Increased Call Efficiency

  • Reduce on-hold time with Innovation’s automated attendant feature, which quickly routes calls among departments and guest rooms.
  • Decrease caller frustration with a streamlined system that makes it simple to connect with hotel employees and guests. This reduces the amount of time that callers spend being transferred from department to department, improving the overall experience.

Customer Service

  • Offer streamlined and personalized concierge-style customer service by providing information regarding travel, weather, time, and amenities via a single phone call.
  • Ensure guests make it to their appointments on time with an automated wake-up call system.
  • Allow guests to receive voicemail messages in the privacy of their rooms, where they can work more efficiently.
  • Simplify information distribution and improve guest satisfaction with voicemail that’s much more than messaging.

Innovation’s voicemail services provide guests with the high-touch customer service they’ve come to expect from your brand, while simultaneously streamlining your communication systems to improve overall productivity. It’s an all-in-one solution – perfect for any size establishment, from small hotels to the larger resorts that encompass multiple properties. From providing a host of automated guest information to ensuring a wake-up call is never lost in the flurry of front desk operations, Innovation’s voicemail options ensure guests are satisfied. DCI further improves Innovation’s services by ensuring your voicemail solution integrates into your organization’s communications network and customer care philosophy. If you would like to learn more about how you can cut costs and streamline operations by employing solutions from Innovation and DCI, call provided phone number.

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