Enhance your business operations with numerous call features.

Guests might not notice it right away, but they would certainly miss it if it were gone. The guest room phone has become a staple of every guest’s experience. Even in an era of cell phones, tablets, and Internet communication, the room phone plays a vital service. It allows guests to connect with their families and business partners at home. However, it also helps guests get in communication with the front desk and other hotel departments when they want to take advantages of services. At DCI, we know that while the guest phone seem like a little thing, it’s anything but. By partnering with some of the biggest and most reliable names in hotel telephone equipment, we offer comprehensive and customizable guest room solutions that can improve your customer service and save you money.


Our partners offer high-quality phone designs and numerous guest-focused options.

  • Cetis


    Offering a wide range of cutting-edge guest phones that can be customized with a splash of color against traditional business gray, Cetis provides top-of-the-line solutions. The sleek and unified phones not only provide aesthetic benefits, but they also offer technological features of the highest quality. These include reliable
    construction, a message indicator light, speakerphone options, and easy-to-see LCD screens.

  • VTech


    VTech provides unique phone designs, high-quality SIP and analog features, and durable construction. However, their signature contribution is their environmental friendliness and commitment to guest and employee health. VTech provides energy-
    efficient phones that cut costs and help organizations reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, all VTech models are crafted with bacteria-resistant plastic that contributes to the fight against the spread of disease.

  • AEI


    AEI’s long line of guest phone solutions include feature-rich options that provide everything from conference calling to multiple lines. This provider of durable and high-quality guest room phones also offers options for suites, with a single base and digital extensions.

  • Bittell


    Bitell provides guest room phones that offer multifaceted platforms. They serve as smartphone and tablet chargers, media players, and alarm clocks. At the same time, Bitell’s solutions provide easy access to the front desk and other hotel service areas through programmable keys.