At DCI, we partner with AEI to provide extensive lines of SIP/IP telephones – including corded and cordless models, which include a number of features specifically developed for the hospitality industry. From solutions for guest rooms to innovative designs for common areas and offices, AEI’s robust and versatile phones improve guest satisfaction while helping hotel managers streamline and improve operations through better communication tools.

AEI offers so many different options for guest rooms – so let DCI help you choose the perfect solution for your hotel or resort. By evaluating your needs and helping you select a phone that offers durability, security, technology, and convenience, DCI can improve your network and guest service through AEI products.

Featured Services and Benefits

IP Telephones

  • Incorporate voice services into your digital network with VoIP technology that allows your guests and employees to make phone calls over the Internet.
  • Facilitate in-house and guest business with crystal clear connections.
  • Take advantage of a wide range of features – including call holding, conference calling, voicemail, and other offerings.
  • Create a home away from home and an office away from the office for your guests with technologically capable phones that make non face-to-face communication easier.
  • Boost performance across your hotel or resort by helping to make your employee’s phone conversations more productive. With hold, call waiting, and voicemail options, your employees can prioritize conversations and better serve their guests.

Analog and Migration Options

Choose from numerous analog phones that integrate effectively into non-digital systems.
Easily transition from analog to digital with streamlined equipment. These options are compatible with existing systems and look nearly identical – so you’ll be able to make an easy transition without compromising your professionalism or guest services.

Hardware Features

  • Improve guest-employee relations with up to 10 programmable guest room service buttons on each phone – these make it easier for your guests to get in touch with the department or service they need.
  • Ensure your guests know when they have messages or someone is trying to communicate with them with visual message/ring indicators.
  • Enhance guest comfort by allowing your patrons to control call volume or turn off their phone’s ringer.
  • Make guest communication easier with speakerphones, multiple lines, on-phone conference calling and hold features, and mute/volume options.
  • Reduce costs with solid hardware that can put up with heavy use. Choose corded and wall or desk-mount options to keep phones secure.
  • Outfit suites, conference rooms, and other expansive locations with a single base and several cordless handset extensions for the ultimate in convenience.
  • Impress your guests with the sleek, professional, and unified appearance of your phone system.
  • Select infrastructure ready, technologically advanced, highly compatible, and durable equipment with hospitality-focused options.

AEI’s extensive line of IP and analog phones are designed specifically for the hospitality industry and offer cutting-edge services for guests and employees alike. DCI is confident in AEI equipment, and we’ll use it to maximize your hotel’s communication abilities and improve guest satisfaction. If you’re interested in learning more about how AEI and DCI can work together to provide a comprehensive telecommunication network solution backed by AEI’s innovative and feature-rich technology, call phone number provided.


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