With more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Bittel is one of the leading telephone hardware brands in the hospitality industry. Bittel operates on four principles: professional design, professional manufacturing, professional sales, and professional service. Their guest room phones provide superior quality and advanced technology that still manages to be guest friendly. At DCI, we are highly confident in the quality of Bittel’s equipment and customizable solutions. To improve your guest communications and your hotel’s operations, DCI can work with you to develop a state-of-the-art telecommunications network enhanced by Bittel technology.

Selected Features and Solutions

Versatility and Options

  • Choose from among several lines of guest phones with versatile and varied features that will help you better manage the needs of your business.
  • Take full advantage of all VoIP features with Bittel’s UNO series – combining SIP capability with robust hardware, as well as innovative designs that increase guest convenience.
  • Whether your clients are at your hotel for business of personal reasons – help your guests get the most out of their stay with Bittel’s comprehensive line of connectivity solutions. Combining feature-rich phones with iPod/iPhone docs and players, guests will be able to synch their mobile devices with in-room HDTVs while simultaneously making and receiving calls.
  • Improve guest comfort by implementing one of UNO’s cordless phone options.
  • Increase safety and allow guests to connect with others anywhere with Bittel’s line of bathroom phones.
  • Better front desk and office operations with Bittel’s full line of business phones.

UNO Series

  • Integrates technology into guest phones to allow for multi-functional communications.
  • Offers guests the convenience of an in-room phone that simultaneously serves as a cell phone charger and alarm clock.
  • Provides clear sound packaged in a sleek and professional design that complements any guest room.

NEO Series

  • Enhances the beauty of any guest room with a unique, ultra-slim design.
  • Includes a unique privacy feature that erases the last number called after five minutes.
  • Eases use with up to 10 one-touch permanent memory keys.

Extensive Features

Bittel offers numerous customizable phones that include a unique selection of the following features:

  • Large easy-to-read LCD display screens
  • Dimmable LCD display
  • Digital FM radio
  • HD sound quality speakers
  • USB charging ports for electronics
  • iPhone/iPod docking stations
  • Alarm clocks
  • Bluetooth and stereo Bluetooth capabilities
  • Audio input for portable music players or smartphones
  • Two-line and three-way conference
  • Call waiting
  • Enhance your guest experience with innovative phones that combine traditional calling features with integrated technology solutions.





Turn guest phones into robust media centers!

From providing your guests with a convenient location for charging and using their electronic devices to delivering premium communication options for executives on the go, Bittel’s options help you increase guest satisfaction, bolster loyalty and improve your brand. A guest phone is a standard feature of any guest room, but that doesn’t mean it needs be boring. Bittel’s innovative solutions will help you leave a lasting impression on your guests. To learn more about how DCI can help you choose the right Bittel solution for your business and integrate it into your telecommunications network, call phone number provided.

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