Since 2006, Cetis has been providing high-quality guest room, office, and common area phones for the hospitality industry. Cetis offers a wide variety of analog, digital, corded, and cordless telephones.

DCI’s partnership with Cetis has many advantages for the hotel manager or owner. Working with Cetis, DCI provides a comprehensive guest room, common area, and office phone solution that streamlines phone features, networking, and design.

Selected Features and Benefits

TeleMatrix 9600 Series

  • Add a splash of color to your guestrooms with sleek, stylized cordless phones.
  • Choose from single line or two-line phones equipped with TouchLite message access; a speaker phone option; mute, hold, redial, and handset locator features; and a data port for connecting laptops.

TeleMatrix 3300 Series

  • Integrate your phones into your rooms with optional color plates that accent black or ash backgrounds.
  • Save money, reduce loss, and satisfy guests with durable, corded phones that offer numerous features, including speakerphone access and up to 10 guest service keys.

TeleMatrix VoIP Series

  • Harness the Internet for all your calling needs with TeleMatrix SIP phones that provide the full range of IP phone features packaged in a stunning design.
  • Select from a wide range of phones specifically designed for guest rooms and common areas, including corded and cordless and one and two-line options.

TeleMatrix 3300 Trimline Series

  • Cut costs with durable phones that make the perfect addition to high-traffic areas.
  • Choose from a variety of retro to modern styles that will match your hotel’s style and décor.

Teledex Opal Series

  • Combine the soft curves and attractive styling of a high-class phone with durability that will survive high-impact areas.
  • Select from cordless and corded options, one and two-line models, and additional features, such as speakerphone.

Teledex Diamond Series

  • Count your business among the five million Teledex Diamond Series users by selecting the world’s most popular guestroom telephone.
  • Reduce costs with this phone specifically engineered to last for many years even in demanding environments.

Teledex Nugget Series

  • Choose the Nugget’s space-saving design without sacrificing features or performance.
  • Customize your phone by choosing and programming between zero and three guest service keys.

Teledex M Series

  • Streamline guest communications by using Bluetooth to pair room and mobile phones.
  • Help guests stay powered on the go with side USB ports for device charging.

Teledex E Series

  • Save money and keep your hotel’s commitment to the environment with a slim, durable phone that uses little energy.
  • Outfit even the smallest guest rooms with a streamlined design that doesn’t sacrifice performance.

Teledex I Series

  • Impress your guests with a beautiful, professional design while cutting costs through reduced energy consumption.
  • Enhance your guests’ experiences with a variety of options specifically designed for the hotel patron.

Combine the strength of technology with unique style.

When you chose DCI and Cetis, you’ll receive customized guest room phones that integrate into a high-speed and feature-rich network, which will please your guests and increase their loyalty.

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