DCI has been providing hotel internet for over a decade, we finally put a name to our solution…


24 x 7 Guest Internet

Support. DCI doesn’t just build versatile & dependable networks, we also provide world-class 24×7 Internet support for the hotel, your guests, meeting rooms and conference facilities. REACH provides everyone with a positive Internet experience.

REACH your guests while they REACH the world.

Pro-Active Monitoring & Reporting. The REACH Portal is a web-based administrative tool that will not only provide real-time monitoring and alarming of the network, but provide access to unprecedented reporting, as well as additional customization. The REACH Portal is designed to provide the hotel with decision making information… quickly.

A customized Internet experience.

REACH was engineered to work with any CRM or PMS interfaces, and can be tailored for any brand or flag. REACH includes the graphic design of the hotel’s Internet portal, as well as creating the experience from guest-rooms, lobby & meeting rooms, to guest’s mobile devices. REACH integrates flawlessly for meeting brand standards for guest loyalty programs.

The REACH Experience

Bandwidth Management

✓ Real-Time Bandwidth Monitoring
✓ Detailed Historical Bandwidth Reporting
✓ Dynamic Bandwidth Shaping
✓ Bandwidth Prioritization
✓ Group Bandwidth Allocation

Guest Billing & Registration

✓ Flexible End-User Billing Options
✓ Custom Rate Plans
✓ Additional Device Management
✓ Billing by Bandwidth Consumption
✓ Billing by Length of Usage
✓ Billing by Number of Devices
✓ Secure Billing by Credit Card

Meeting & Conference Space Management

✓ Group Branded Splash Pages
✓ Custom Wi-Fi SSID’s
✓ Group Bandwidth Allocation
✓ Group Access Code Management
✓ Custom High Density Wi-Fi Systems
✓ Group Bandwidth Monitoring & Reporting

Custom Development & Interfaces

✓ Custom Hotel Branded Splash Pages
✓ Custom PMS Interfaces
✓ Custom CRM Interfaces
✓ Integration to Guest Loyalty Systems
✓ Custom Guest Authentication Methods
✓ Seamless Guest Roaming Property-to Property

Flexible Reporting Capabilities

✓ Revenue Reporting
✓ End User Email Capture & Reporting
✓ OS and Browser Statistics
✓ Device Statistics
✓ Access Code Statistics
✓ Support Tickets Diagnosis & Statistics
✓ Registration Method
✓ Registration by Zone (VLAN)

Our Partners

Additional services and programs

In addition to the technology partners used in DCI’s HSIA Solution, we provide additional services and programs for our clientele:

Customized Splash Pages

Splash pages for guest-rooms, common areas, meeting spaces, etc. DCI can also re-direct back to hotel’s own customized or pre-designed website.

Customized Rate Plans

DCI will work with the hotel to create flexible billing structures for the guest rooms, meeting spaces, common areas and even those that reward those loyalty members & allow the hotel to actually control the bandwidth allocations.

Tiered Guest Internet Bandwidth

DCI will create customized pricing tiers for your guests. Provide faster Internet for some guests or special pricing for Rewards Members, Frequent Guests, Special Groups, etc.

Flexible Billing Structures and Bandwidth Management

DCI lets the hotel easily manage the range of bandwidth options for its guests, including bandwidth tiers for loyalty members, visitors to the hotel, meeting room & common areas.

Mobility and Internet Management

DCI can not only provide the hotel with the type of devices guests are using to connect to the hotel’s Internet, but we can provide the hotel the guest email addresses for targeted marketing uses.