Ranking in the top 100 of all Fortune 500 companies, Cisco supplies quality products for hotels across the world. DCI has partnered with Cisco to bring you the reliable products you need to facilitate cutting-edge technology at your hotel or resort. Cisco’s routers, switches, IP phones, servers, and other equipment provide the backbone for a robust telecommunications and Internet network that merges reliability and innovation to cover both front-of-house and back-of-house needs.

Featured Services and Benefits:

Wireless Accessibility

  • Consistently supply wireless Internet throughout your hotel or resort to meet customer expectations.
  • Customize your wireless solutions with Cisco’s line of routers, indoor and outdoor access points, and LAN controllers – choosing equipment that meets your cost and networking needs.
  • Incorporate new technology, such as smartphones, tablets, and stationary kiosks to bolster customer satisfaction.
  • Join a long list of hotels, resorts, and other hospitality businesses that have attained success using Cisco products.

Computer Networking Made Easy

  • Build one reliable, robust, and lightning-fast network that supports all of the computers and Wi-Fi-enabled devices in your hotel using a wide variety of available Cisco switches.
  • Improve the ease of file/program sharing and systems maintenance with your customized network.
  • Monitor energy consumption, network use, and much, much more using Cisco’s diverse switches.
  • Improve productivity and satisfaction ratings by installing a quality switching system.

Comprehensive Video Capabilities

  • Satisfy all your video-based needs, from video conferencing to security, with cutting-edge and reliable Cisco products.
  • Improve collaboration, entertainment, and information sharing with a variety of Cisco products, including transponders, amplifiers, software suites, receivers, and more.
  • Ensure you have the right equipment for your hotel’s needs by relying on DCI to help you design your network around Cisco equipment.

Peace of Mind

  • Remain confident in the safety of your network by using Cisco’s cameras, controls, response solutions, and video software as part of your DCI-designed solution.
  • Enforce policies across your physical infrastructure, and virtual or cloud-based infrastructures with the advanced protection of Cisco.
  • Protect your business against threats with constant monitoring.
  • Reduce money and time costs by deploying security when and where it is needed.



Virtual Storage

  • Avoid a one-size-fits-all approach with Cisco’s unique and varied hardware storage options.
  • Expand your file sharing mobility to equal your guests requirements with Cisco’s options that including server storage, data encryption and decryption, data recovery, and cloud capabilities.
  • Allow your data to move with your business by ensuring that it can be used and shared safely and securely from many locations – all through DCI’s customized design.

Let DCI use our wide range of Cisco products to design a robust, secure, and reliable network that will boost your business.

Cisco is known worldwide for quality and efficiency. By partnering with Cisco, DCI helps you find a solution to any networking or computer program/deficiency your company has experienced. Let DCI design a powerful network, based on Cisco products, for your hotel or resort today. Call DCI design at phone number provided to learn more about how our innovative, Cisco-inspired networks can support your hotel and deliver a tremendous guest experience.


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