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DCI has partnered with HP Networking to provide top-of-the line software and hardware for all of your networking and Internet communication needs. Along with being a trusted household name, HP offers a variety of products that can aid in the management of your hotel or resort, allowing you to provide wired and wireless Internet capabilities to your guests, while simultaneously supporting your much needed guest management tools. HP Networking solutions offer premium services that are secure and reliable, so you can rest assured in the safety of your data while extending the same comfort and assurance to your guests. HP provides solutions for all layers of networking, including infrastructure, control, and application. Offering robust and flexible options, HP Networking’s hospitality tools are scalable and reliable; they help you minimize your costs by reducing risk and allowing you to add/pay for features only as you need them.

Featured Services and Benefits

Increased Performance without Increased Complexity

  • Utilize HP’s FlexFabric – it supplies you with the speed and efficiency you need to run a premiere resort.
  • Partner with DCI to set up a network that is not only scalable, but automated, so it works harder for you.
  • Connect multiple access points and cores under a single IP address – increasing performance and availability without adding complexity.

Reliable Service, Simplified Management

  • Stay secure via consistent network monitoring. Using HP’s innovative FlexManagement program, DCI can monitor your network, manage who can use it, and conduct additional network maintenance from one location.
  • Save time and money with HP’s streamlined management and DCI’s diligence and efficiency, which ensures your network remains safe and reliable.

Robust, Streamlined Infrastructure

  • Reduce your IT costs, while providing quality service for multiple, connected resort buildings using HP’s FlexCampus and DCI’s customized designs.
  • Access all of the applications and networks you need – prioritizing speed, safety, and simplicity.

Reliable Equipment

  • Provide solid networking equipment that delivers reliable wired and wireless Internet to guests, while maintaining speed and security for all users.
  • Remain confident with HP’s lifetime warranty and DCI’s incredible customer service.


Flexibility & Customization

  • Select a solution that meets your hotel or resort’s individual needs using the power and reliability of HP and the industry knowledge of DCI.
  • Reduce your expenses by leveraging our scalable solutions that grow with your company. Rely on DCI to help you make the right selection.

Connect guests with cutting-edge technology while boosting your own technical abilities using HP Networking tools and DCI design and support.

Whether you need video conference capabilities, Virtualized Private Networks, or wireless Internet for guests, with DCI and HP on your side, you can be assured that you will satisfy the needs of your clients while also keeping your system simple and cost effective. To learn more about how HP Networking can help your hotel or resort achieve its goals, visit link to specific HP site.

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