DCI has 25 years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining MITEL systems to meet the exacting requirements of our individual customers. Mitel selectively chooses the dealers who represent MITEL’s complete portfolio of MITEL branded Unified Communications solutions, including IP-enabled communications platforms and applications. As a MITEL authorizedPARTNER, DCI adheres to MITEL’s strict qualifications, including factory-approved training for proficient installation and maintenance of MITEL systems. DCI’s entire installation, service and project management staff are fully trained and certified on our industry-leading products and services. DCI has also committed to stocking an appropriate level of spare equipment to ensure our clients have the parts needed to maintain their systems, if and when you need them. MITEL stands behind DCI and their products products by assuring spare parts availability for the sooner of five (5) years after manufacturer discontinuance or seven (7) years from installation.

Mitel offers communication solutions that streamline and enhance your overall guest experience and the efficiency of your staff. Mitel units simplify operations, enable a high standard of customer service and staff proficiency, and reduce costs – all while simplifying support services. Mitel’s technology is built to adapt to guest and staff needs with minimum management overhead. Hospitality features are the backbone of Mitel console and telephone user interfaces – units that require minimal staff training and improve guest relations. With its extensive suite of products and features, Mitel is a one-stop provider for class-leading hospitality solutions. Mitel’s technology is built to expertly accomodate guest and staff needs. By partnering with Mitel, DCI ensures each and every hotel or resort has the Mitel technology that’s right for its specific parameters.

Select Features and Benefits

Contact Solutions

Mitel knows that it is the little things that matter to your guests and it’s the little things they’ll remember when making a hotel reservation in the future. Mitel’s hospitality contact features ensure that your guests experience the highest quality telecommunications service. These features include:

  • Escalation for failed wake up calls
  • Guest privacy management that includes identification of special guests before connection
  • A customizable IP display telephone
  • Guest service information
  • Local services and attraction information
  • One touch contact keys
  • Recorded announcements about hotel services, such as breakfast options, and speed call keys to access information lines

Staff Solutions

  • The Mitel Cordless Front Desk solution enables staff to work efficiently by simplifying the process of shifting between handsets and headsets. This offers the added benefit of improving the guest impression by eliminating busy cabling.
  • Staff can stay in touch throughout the hotel with text message-enabled wireless telephones, which can be used to manage alerts during emergencies or to prepare for special guest accommodations.
  • Guests and managers can reach staff – on one number and at any location using Mitel Dynamic Extension to “twin” using a prime line. This feature is perfect for hotel managers, area managers, and off-site event staff and provides unrestricted and seamless communication.

Innovative voice solutions for the tech-savvy, guest-centered hospitality business.

Mitel’s wide range of voice solutions provide customizable options for any hotel. If you’re interested in learning more about how DCI can revolutionize Mitel’s solutions for your company, call phone number provided.


  • Mitel collaboration solutions support integration with Mitel MiCollab Client, which includes voice and video calling, and instant messaging. Other features include web presentation with audio, web, and video conferencing
  • Innovative collaboration services from Mitel keep your workforce connected, interactive, and coordinated.
  • Real time connection engages staff with interactive sharing of information and ideas that drives better presentations, brainstorming, and training.

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