DCI is a Certified Double Diamond Associate of the NEC Corporation of America’s (NEC) Accelerator Program. The Double Diamond status is a mark of achievement for NEC Authorized Dealers, also known as Associates. The NEC Accelerator Program takes into account the Associate’s relationship with NEC, its technical expertise and overall competitiveness in the marketplace. Customers can be rest assured that Associates bearing a Diamond Logo have gone above and beyond minimum NEC Standards for customer satisfaction, training and sales performance. As a Double Diamond Dealer, DCI is fully authorized to supply, service, and warranty the NEC Communications Solutions that include the SV8100, SV8300 and SV8500 product lines.

DCI has demonstrated proficiency in engineering, installing & supporting NEC’s Hospitality Solutions throughout the world.

NEC provides communications and IT solutions with a focus on flexibility, cost control, and the ability to economically support any variation of Time Division Multiplexing through hybrid configuration. In this sense, NEC is the industry leader in hospitality communication solutions with the broadest support and customization features for properties of all sizes. With an extensive portfolio of solutions, open standards, dependable migration paths, guest services enhancements, staff mobility solutions, conference services, and network management and security solutions, it isn’t hard to see what makes NEC an industry leader in innovation and compatibility. By partnering with NEC, DCI ensures your voice solutions meet the needs of your guests and your employees.

Selected Features and Benefits

Focus on Guest Services

  • Quick access to amenities through room phone service that offers a full complement of hospitality features
  • Contact centers to improve quality and relevancy of guest communications
  • Wireless Solutions to integrate staff and deliver an improved guest experience
  • Wireless LAN to cater to the guest’s every online need – throughout the property
  • Digital signage that keeps guests up-to-date on any conferences, upcoming events, attractions, and hotel offerings
  • Self-service touch screens give guests quick access to maps and information about the hotel and businesses in the surrounding area

Staff Mobility Solutions

  • Wireless phone services, single-number access for important connections, and communication-enhancing services that give staff access to the same directory of information are just a few of NEC’s productivity-enhancing staff solutions.
  • Staff mobility solutions help keep employees up-to-date on the latest information on the premises. This allows staff members to focus on more important things – like enhancing guest relations.

Additional Solutions

  • Conference services, including multimedia and information system solutions, which improve the information flow to attendees and event planners.
  • Network management and security solutions that maximize network durability and performance.
  • High-Quality voice solutions that optimize guest services while streamlining staff applications.

Extensive Solutions Portfolio

NEC offers solutions on premise or over the cloud, providing basic telephony and the latest industry options. Striving to offer hospitality solutions that fit the needs of all property sizes, while increasing efficiency and productivity, NEC is the perfect partner for DCI – a company dedicated to customized solutions and support. The NEC portfolio includes a diverse catalogue of solutions that cater to all of the typical industry level needs – including traditional services to more contemporary demands.

Open Standards

Along with a large repertoire of services, NEC is based on open architecture, which acts as a secure platform for applications and commonly accepted protocols. NEC’s open APIs provide compatibility with other popular business solutions and third-party application vendors to enhance and complement features already in a system.

Dependable Migration Paths

NEC’s dependable migration paths make certain that your systems will stay current with the evolving IT needs of your organization. This investment protection is one of many NEC programs that ensure guests get the most for their money. NEC is very interested in providing a lower total cost of ownership in the long run. When partnered with DCI, NEC’s low-cost solutions cost even less, as DCI works to integrate NEC services into a client’s existing network.


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